Welcome to Kainai High School

It’s a new school year here at Kainai High School and what better way to welcome back our students and staff then to unveil our brand-new web space for the community! Our new web page features the latest web and eLearning platform to provide students, parents, and teachers with the best tools for success.

Take a chance to explore our new web space and come back regularly for news and updates!

KBE Election Results

Successful "Member At Large" candidates

Charlene Bruised Head — 104
Nolan Little Bear — 85

Successful "Saipoyi" candidates

Dennis Chief Calf — 167
Cynthia Many Fingers — 162
Benita Creighton — 147
Leon Goodstriker — 146
Teresa (Tammy) White Quills-Knife — 132

Election Results

K-Bot Places 13th in Victoria

The Kainai High School robotics team traveled to Victoria, BC for a competition. The competition requires three robots to compete together against another three robots. During each match you form an alliance with two other teams, working together to complete various tasks. Points are awarded as per each task that your alliance completes. The Kainai High School team consisted of a drive team of Karis Good Striker, Hayden Mountain Horse, Kadin Willows, and Cheyenne Wadsworth; Kobe Big Swallow, Service technician; and Ava Mountain Horse, media. While in the pits assembling, repairing and programming the robot, students had the opportunity to share with other teams and interested spectators how they built their robot and what its capabilities are. The K-bots were ranked in the top 5 after the first day of matches, but the second day had a few losses when competing with lower ranked teams. Coach Matt Prete was proud of the team and how well their robot performed, ending 13th out of 35 teams.  The team also enjoyed the shore along the ocean exploring sea life and seeing the world’s largest free-standing totem pole.

K-Bot Photo
K-Bot Photo
K-Bot Photo
K-Bot Photo
K-Bot Photo

Principal's Welcome

Principal's Message

2018/2019 School Year


This is my second year as Principal of Kainai High School. I began my teaching career at KHS in 1996. I taught high school English and Drama for 14 years before moving on to work on my doctorate in 2010. I also served as Principal for Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School (The #1 Middle School in North America!) from 2013 to 2017.

Upon my return to Kainai High School, in 2017, I felt like I was walking into a whole new high school. High School Redesign had changed the face of high schools across this province. Kainai High School had changed over to a Quarter System and I was impressed with how KHS adapted into a trauma informed school.

The staff had changed as well, with only a few remaining from my former days at KHS. Nevertheless, I am privileged to be working with a great group of educators who put the needs of students first.

The nice thing about moving from Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School (The #1 Middle School in North America!) to KHS was that I was able to move with my students from TMS! I was principal at TMS from 2013 to 2017 and most of the students at KHS were my former TMS students! It was nice to see the transition and transformation in students as they navigated their way through their high school careers.

I am extremely proud of our KHS athletes and graduates! You students put KHS on the map! I encourage our KHS alumni to continue to advocate and support us here at KHS. I also encourage parents to take an active interest and participate in their child’s education. I encourage teachers, parents and students to work together for student success.


Ramona Big Head PhD Candidate