Ramona Big Head, PhD Candidate

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About Me


My Blackfoot name is translated as "Many Sweat Lodge Woman" (Akaistsiiskaakii). I am a mother of 7 and I have many grandchildren. I taught high school English and Drama for 14 years (1996-2010) at Kainai High School. I was seconded to Alberta Education in 2008/09 working in curriculum development. I was also an instructor at the University of Lethbridge for two years (2011-2013) in the Faculty of Education. I am currently a PhD Candidate out of the University of British Columbia. My area of research is examining the correlation between arts education and identity in Kainai youth. I was the principal for Tatsikiisaapo'p Middle School from 2013 - 2017. This is my first year as principal for Kainai High School. It's nice to come home full circle. Based on my experiences as an educator for over 20 years, the most successful students are those who have a solid foundation in their own identity. One cool thing about me is that I love NBA Basketball...my favorite player is Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers - 2016 Champions!

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