Principal's Message


Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. The quarter system will be offered for the second year for grades 10-12 and the grade 9’s will be on a modified - year/semester/quarter system. Please see section 9 for the 2017-2018 course selections, these are subject to change as student needs change. Bell times remain the same from last year and can be seen in section 10.  For the quarter system daily attendance continues to be especially important for student success. Please see pages policy 6.3 regarding the student attendance policies. Kainai High School policies include:

6.1  Drug and Alcohol Policy
6.2  Fighting and Bullying Policy
6.3  Kainai High School Attendance Policy
6.4  Electronic Policy
6.5  Dress Code
6.6  Athletics Policy
6.7  Appeals Policy

Student success continues to be our number one priority at Kainai High School and is contained within our mission statement, which can be found at the front of this handbook. We will continue to strive to assist the school community to realize these goals. We offer many extra-curricular programs and encourage our students to become involved in these endeavors that will not only motivate them to attend school but to build life-long skills to assist in their success. Many of the learning opportunities cannot be possible without the dedicated staff of Kainai High School. Please see pages section 4 for some of the programs each staff member is involved in.

We will have an open house during each quarter that will provide updates for student report cards and various activities. Please see our monthly news letter for any changes and updates. Our school calendar can be found at the end of this handbook.  Parents/guardians and community members are always welcome to visit our school. Please call the school to schedule your visit.

Have a great year!
Ramona Big Head , Principal

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