Parent Advisory Commitee

Duties of Parent Advisory Committees

  1. Ensure that cooperation and positive communication exist between staff and parents.
  2. Advisory capacity only, governance remains within Kainai Board of Education. All PAC members are subject to the Board/PAC code of ethics
  3. Chief fundraiser for schools
  4. May bring parental concerns to meetings but must strengthen schools and school program decisions.
  5. Any member who misses two (2) consecutive monthly meetings without reasonable excuse shall be dismissed by Kainai Board of Education
  6. A parent who is appointed to PAC must stand for election during regular annual election for PAC
  7. The school principal and PAC must notify parents and community of monthly PAC meetings and fund-raising events
  8. A PAC member convicted of a criminal offense during his/her term shall be removed by Kainai Board of Education
  9. School Principal and associate principals, school counselor, Chief and Council representatives are ex-officio and non-voting members of the committee
  10. All overnight trips or unusual field trips must be recommended by school principal and approved by PAC at regular meetings and present to Kainai Board of Education
  11. No spending program or individual decisions can be made by a PAC member
  12. All PAC members must hold their monthly meetings at their local school and ensure that meetings are open to parents and public
  13. All problems related to school staff, school site, spending of funds for school programs and repairs, and any issues that cannot be solved with financial resources of the committee must be discussed, voted on locally, passed and the chairperson must have the issues put on Board agenda upon review and recommendation by the superintendent
  14. All PAC candidates must know that their position is VOLUNTARY and is meant to benefit the students of the local school
  15. PAC members may be asked to attend workshops or conferences, interview teachers/staff candidates, at the expense of the Kainai Board of Education
  16. All elections shall be held every two (2) years (call Kainai Board of Education Administration office @403-737-3966 for more election information)

(March 9, 2009 Kainai Education Society Orientation for Board of Directors Booklet)

Kainai High School PAC Members

  • Sheila Fox - Chairperson
  • Benita Creighton
  • Alvine Low Horn
  • Joyce Mountain Horse
P.O. Box 240 Standoff, AB T0L 1Y0     Phone: (403) 737-3966     Fax: (403) 737-2361