For students of Kainai High School to participate in graduation ceremonies, she/he must meet the requirements for an Alberta High School Diploma, the Alberta Certificate of High School Achievement, or the Alberta Certificate of School Completion (see Alberta Education Guidelines) upon receiving credit for the courses she/he is registered in for the spring semester of the graduation year.  As well, a confirmation of grades above 50% in the required courses will be done in April and May, with the possibility of the prospective graduand being removed from the graduation list.  Students must have a minimum of 80 credits after Quarter 2 for diploma requirements and 60 credits for the certificate of achievement requirements of the graduation year.

These guidelines will be utilized for the 2017-2018 school year to compile the graduation list. At the completion of each quarter a letter will be sent to parents of all grade 12 students outlining their current status, i.e. number of credits, current course selections, etc.  A follow-up letter and course review will be sent home and discussed with each student after receipt of the January Diploma Examination results in late February.

See attached Alberta Education High School Diploma; Certificate of Achievement; and Certificate of Completion Requirements (Alberta Guide to Education).

All 2017-2018 graduates of Kainai High School must have Blackfoot 30 prior to graduation.


Revised June 2012

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